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Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

To free them from destroy of this shame it’s time that the Muslim Community restructures its educational goals along Islamic guidelines and meets the current needs as well. Online Quran Academy Through this educational program the coming generations will be the head for Islamic values and will be able to play an important role in the current world. The modern challenges require rebuilding the framework of our education program so that we can fulfill our religious as well as short term duties.

Which Courses Do We Provide

We need an education system that could create Muslim philosopher, Muslim scientist, Muslim economist, Muslim jurist, Muslim statesman, in short Muslim experts in all areas of study who will rebuild the social order in keeping with the principles of Islam. Al-Rahmah Quran Academy (AQA)’s mission is to fulfill the wide array of requirements of the community by providing Tahfizul Quran program along with degree certificate ijazah courses in Quran Hadith, Fiqh, Tajweed and other sciences, etc. AQA also has a Community learning program which offers classes that cover a variety of areas of need to the community.

Our Aim Just For You

Our aim is to further the application of Quranic and Prophetic guidance by creating an ideal system of guidance that upholds the value to Islamic Knowledge and ethics. We invite our customers into our Online Quran teaching services where we offer a variety of Islamic and life and character improvement courses that follow the teachings of Sharia Quran classes in Pakistan also other countries around the world. Many people have learned to read Quran through this online are contained in Quran in addition to Sunnah as yet another option to those Islamic sisters and brothers who are old or engaged in their professional lives however haven’t mastered the correct reading of the Quran.

Learn Online Quran with Us

We urge all of members of our Islamic family members to enroll to the online Quran academy to learn how to understand the Quran correctly. As a Muslim we have a duty as a religious person to not just read Quran but also understand every word if you’re one of those not able to read Quran correctly then enroll to this online Quran teaching program and enrich your soul with the Holy Book of the Almighty. The organization Dawat e Islami provides its work in over the 107 spheres of existence with the sole purpose to spread the message that

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